Trip To Mexico March 2017

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”Not only to do, but do it with LOVE” “United, pursuing souls for CHRIST”


To all persons, entities, congregations and churches that have contributed with their prayers and donations to the mission efforts of Amigos sin Frontera, A.C. and United Pursuit Inc.


12 April 2017

Dearly Beloved,

During this week that we celebrate the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus it brings to my mind what Easter Sunday means to me and I came up with the following amazing truths: 1. the resurrection of my Savior is about recognizing Him as the risen Lord, 2. His resurrection means much more than memorizing scriptures and learning doctrines and creeds; it is ALL about him, the only one who was alive, died, and now lives forevermore, 3. His resurrection is the story of His life which did not end at the tomb because we live in Him and Him in us eternally, 4. His resurrection has changed us and we will never be the same, because the eternal life HE has given us has just started.

I repeat myself again when I mention each trip has its own idiosyncrasies, its own peculiarities; the trip to the State of Guerrero was a very short one: only 4 hours of traveling; the town/city of Teloloapan has a population of 80.000 and it was the first time we served more than 5,000 persons. The climate was very hot during the day and the night just about 2 degrees less.  The first day we started working at 11:30am and finish a little after 11:00pm. We were lodged in a hotel that had four single beds per room, no A/C not even an electric fan anywhere, hot water was available at certain times only. Transportation was available to go to our place of work and back to the hotel. Daily we woke up at 5:00am to attend the 6:30am devotional, ate breakfast at 7:00am and started work at 8:00am. I have never seen these many people in the past.

 NOTE: For some reason our bathroom had always some bees that prevented us to take showers not before we killed several of them. According to the hotel manager some beehive, somewhere, something happened to the queen bee; the rooms were fumigated daily but we always continued to have several of those annoying insects around us and some mosquitos as well. The windows in our room were rusty and could not close any of them, allowing the bees and mosquitos to come in freely.

 In all previous trips we planted a church, but in this town and adjacent villages there are at least 24 local Christian churches; our only mission, this time, was to increment the attendance of all 24 or just some of them. For example: the 756 persons that were converted divided by 24 gives us about 31 persons to attend each of the 24 congregations. Only the Lord known what each saved person chose which church to attend. My prayers are that each seed will fall in fertile ground to be able to produce fruit to eternal life.

 We were transported from Cuernavaca to the outreach site using a Rented Bus, two 2.5 ton trucks, and 3 vans. A total of 60 volunteers formed the team to include: 6 doctors, 6 dentists and an optician, members of 27 different congregations. Daily the 24 local churches sent many persons to assist us in all the clinics including the clinic of the soul (evangelism), thus the volunteer force surged to about 101 in any given day; 166 volunteers divided by 4 days will give us about 41 individuals adding to our regular force. Yes, lots of people everywhere.

 NOTE: All our meals were provided by the local chapter of a government agency called DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia) which in English means: “Integral Development for the Family”. It has chapters in every state, cities and big towns in the Republic. Every meal a “banquet”. Our days were accompanied with singing of a myriad of birds in the trees that surrounded our encampment. I mention this because where I live in Texas it is very rare that we hear birds singing, unless we go to a state park, even when I play golf where trees are everywhere I do not hear them; nevertheless it was haven for me.

 In the last day (31 March 2017) we stopped work at 6:00pm to dismantle camp; loaded all in their respective vehicles in preparation for tomorrow’s departure. On the following day we were served a special breakfast that included the closing ceremony where we heard several speeches given by members of the local government to give us their appreciation for the services received and a sincere wish for us to return soon. Boarded our respective vehicles and left for Cuernavaca. Four hours later arrived there, unloaded all equipment and said good bye until next trip.


                                                 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, BY THE GRACE OF GOD


                                                                          S T A T I S T I C S


MEDICAL CLINIC: Pediatrics 294, General Medicine 682, Gynecology 212, Geriatrics 435, preventive medicine (checking vital signs, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) 1117, families receiving medicaments 1681 for a total of 4,421 persons.

DENTAL CLINIC: 409 persons received 607 treatments.

OPTICAL CLINIC: 491 persons were examined and 434 received new lenses.

SOCIAL WORK: Haircuts 280, 1 and half metric tons of food stuff, 586 persons received used clothing, shoes and toys out of 64 sacks/bundles, family counseling 1085, legal advice 26, tips on how to use effective farming techniques 33. Children’s clinic was an ongoing daily ministry to teach children God’s values.


CLINIC OF THE SOUL (EVANGELISM): A total of 756 persons received the Lord Jesus in their hearts as their personal Lord,

and Master. Blessed be His Name forever. A total of 100 Bibles and 50 New Testaments were given, and 2 boxes of Christian literature were distributed.


Raul G. Sifuentes

For Amigos Sin Frontera, A.C. and United Pursuit, Inc.


Raul G. Sifuentes

Raul Sifuentes