Outreach Ministries

Community Christian Fellowship reaches out to those in need both at home and abroad. We believe there are needs much greater than our own, and we enjoy reaching out to help others.  We are currently contributing to the following ministries:

Amigos Sin Frontera

Community Christian Fellowship makes an annual donation to Amigos Sin Frontera, a medical mission to Mexico that provides dental, optical, and general medical care to remote villages in Mexico. We have a member, Raul Sifuentes, who participates regularly in these mission trips.  Raul serves in the Clinic of the Soul (evangelism) and Family Counseling areas of the mission.   We contribute through individual member donations to help Raul finance his participation in these trips.   MISSION TRIP REPORT

Women’s Pregnancy Center

We annually participate in the Baby Bottle Bonanza.  On Mother’s Day, we take home empty Baby Bottles, which we fill with our coins, bills, or checks. Many of our members regularly save coins throughout the year to contribute to this life-saving ministry.   The Baby Bottles are returned on Father’s Day, and taken to the Pregnancy Center. WOMEN’S PREGNANCY CENTER

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is a mission team led by Lee Berger from East Texas that makes trips annually across the Mexico border to minister to local communities. In December they take shoe boxes full of gifts to distribute to the children.   They also conduct ministry activities.   For our part, we collect shoe boxes full of items for the children and deliver them to a collection site for the mission team. Monetary donations from members are collected to offset shipping and handling costs. Community Christian Fellowship also donates toward these costs. Sheri Bounds is our coordinator. CROSSING BORDERS

Generations Ministries

Community Christian Fellowship makes an annual donation to Generations Ministries (GCNext).   The purpose of GCNext is to “plant seeds” for the next generation. It includes camps and mission trips, pastoral internships, and planting new churches. GENERATIONS MINISTRIES